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Scholarships and College Aid for Single Mothers

You are going back to school. Bravo for you!
And the good news is that many organizations are also cheering you on. They are so excited for you that they want to give you a scholarship. Browse around this category and spend all of the time you need to track down scholarship possibilities. College does not have to put you in debt for decades or send you to the poor house now. Apply for several scholarships and hopefully snag a few; this will help to keep your costs to a minimum.

In fact, scholarships also abound for the children of single mothers, so if you have a child or two near college age, get them assistance as well and then congratulate each other a few years down the road when everyone shows off their diplomas.

Scholarship Foundations

Not only do colleges and universities have scholarships for single mothers, numerous foundations have set aside money for single mothers wanting to continue their education. You also might discover that your local civic organization has scholarships for single mothers as well.

Entire books have been written about how to find scholarship money for your children. Now it’s time to help yourself by clicking on the links in this category and discovering the scholarships that might pertain to you.

Think of this scholarship search as a treasure hunt: it might take you several hours to find the scholarship(s) that fit you, and then an hour or two more to complete the application, but in the end you will save yourself thousands of dollars in personal funds and loans. The work is worth it—persevere.

In addition, you can contact the student aid office at the university in which you plan to enroll for further help. That office will give you some ideas and resources, but we have resources that even the best office is not aware of.

Dig in, look around, fill out the relevant information and get the money you need for school.