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Loans and Credit for Single Mothers

“Loan” does not need to be a dreaded word filled with horror. There are actually some lenders that will give you a fair deal and charge you reasonable interest rates. A few of those lenders want to help single mothers specifically, so we rounded up their information and will let you take it from there.

Among the types of loans for single mothers that are out there are:

  • Emergency loans for those with bad credit
  • Government loans for single mothers
  • Non-profits that specialize in getting single mothers on their feet and work with chosen lenders
  • Business loans for single mothers
  • Educational loans for single mothers
  • Home loans for single mothers
  • Car loans for single mothers

As the number of single mothers has grown worldwide in recent years, more single mothers have seized control of their financial futures and many have passed on their knowledge via the Internet. We have done our own research and come up with a menu of loans that will help you immeasurably.

As you browse through the articles in this category, you will realize that you never have to resort to getting money from payday loan sharks and other lenders that are much more interested in exploiting their customers than in helping them. Everyone needs to make a living, but there is no law saying that lenders have to arrange terms that will leave the borrower worse off than she began.

Loan Types and Sources

The sources for the loans that you need will depend on what type of loan you take. If you seek an educational loan, the government can help you a lot with its student loan program. If you need a loan for a down payment on a home or the first month’s rent and security deposit on an apartment, a non-profit organization might be able to find you the funds at a fair interest rate.

Shop around according to your needs and take a positive step to improving your financial future—and that of your children.