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Where to Find Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Housing is often the greatest cost every month in our budgets, and every mother wants to make a home for her children, whether she is single or not. The difficulty arises when a single mother needs more space as her children grow, or when she simply wants to get out of shelters and into a house or apartment of her own. The largest budget item is often the toughest to attain. Fortunately, several sources of funds exist that can help to provide housing for single mothers.

The federal government has programs that can enable you to pay little or no rent, depending on your income. It also has funds for single mothers needing help to pay their mortgage.

Several non-profits have also stepped into the gap to help. They offer short- and long-term help and have special disbursements for abused women. They also have great programs for single mothers wanting to live in a home, not an apartment. Stellar groups such as Habitat for Humanity have gotten involved in the campaign to help single mothers, whom they often find to be quite willing to participate in its building projects.

As with other forms of financial aid, the process of obtaining it is not always quick and easy. Set aside large blocks of time so that you can complete applications, track down your financial records and interact with interviewers. All of the time and effort will be worth it when you are in a cozy apartment with your child or spreading out in a suburban home with your family.

You do not have to find housing on your own. Browse this category and make contact with the many organizations that are determined to find attractive, affordable housing so that single mothers can put a roof over the head of their families.