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Help with Rent for Single Mothers

Covering household expenses can be challenging for a single mother. One of the constants, no matter what else has changed about your financial situation, is the need to pay rent. What can a single mother do when the rent is due and she doesn’t have enough money to pay for it?

Where and How to Apply for Aid

Help is available! There are a number of agencies and organizations with a soft spot for single moms who are struggling to make ends meet. If you are a single mother and you don’t have enough money to pay your monthly rent, whether it is because of an unexpected financial emergency or because you cannot find affordable housing options, this section is for you.

As a single mom, you shouldn’t have to worry that you and your children will end up on the streets if you don’t have the resources to cover your rent. There are a number of places that can meet your needs for help with rent as a single mother.

First, you will need to collect important documents to prove that you need help with rent. This can include paycheck information, income tax forms, identification and your lease agreement. Also, collect contact information from past landlords who may be able to vouch for you and increase your chances of qualifying for help.

Programs that can Help Pay Rent

One place to look for help with rent is through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which is administered at the local level through public housing authorities. Visit your county office to seek if there are any rental assistance programs you may qualify for as a result of your income level or other requirements. Section 8 housing often provides vouchers for single mothers to allow them to pay a lower rent each month.

Nonprofit organizations also can help connect single mothers with various types of assistance, including help with rent. Chances are there is a Salvation Army in your area. But did you know that it isn’t merely a place to find clothes? In fact, the Salvation Army often works with single moms to provide temporary housing in dire circumstances, as well as to find financial aid and rental grants for the long term.

The Salvation Army is experienced with negotiating with landlords on behalf of single mothers to find a workable situation for all involved. It also provides emergency funds in times of need. Moreover, the Salvation Army wants to help single moms become self-sufficient and increase their chances of finding employment that will pay enough so they never have to worry about providing their children with a home. This group can help you come up with budgets and provide money management tips for the single mother in need of help with rent.

Another national group, Catholic Charities, provides many of the same services through classes and counseling. Catholic Charities can also help single moms find affordable housing or help with rent.

Whether you need emergency help with rent or help finding affordable housing so you don’t have to worry about paying rent each month, both public and private groups want to help you. Browse through this section if you are a single mother struggling with rent, whether it is an immediate need or a long-term issue you need to solve.